We have news from Martha! a.k.a Panic Girl!

She released her new LP from Infiltrator Records, well it”s mostly triphop and named Lowlands. I can say, i loved all vocals in the album also they all had mystery tones, which is good for me. You can easily get trips without drugs! and album cover is amazing, loved it.

Thoughts about song ;

Echoes : Gives me goosebump! for me it”s #1
Bound  : Love that “80 tones, inside the song. (imho) – I don”t like the fade-out finish in the song but if there”s a idea behind that, it”s so sharp. I mean “it”s fade-out”ing because it”s a “80”th related song!” I can say “wow”.
Maze : You can feel you in the dgfev online casino nbso Maze with this song. Just close your dam” eyes maan!
Drums of War : Loved the lyrics and song but i think – someone should touch this song with Drum”n Bass. Curious! Loved that drums, reminds me Woodkid”s Iron.
Webs & Antimatter : Imho, needs longer versions.

Well guys, I am def. suggesting you to buy that LP or digital copy!

Official Website of Panic Girl
Official Shop of Panic Girl
Panic Girl – Facebook Fan Page
Infiltrator Records

/ CT