We’ve interviewed with Infected Mushroom second time in Istanbul, just after their show!

1. Welcome! So, we are so happy to see you guys in Turkey again!

Thank you so much! We had a great time playing at Life Park last week, unreal show after years of missing being in Istanbul. Thanks to all our fans who came out.

2. We have also some pictures for you guys! :) So, ’03, ’04, ’05, ’06 Soulclipse, ’07, ’10, ’13 and now!

Like a fine wine, we are better with age.

3. What does it take to make! It’s total success, but in short words.

A strong team, good time management / discipline, and lots of coffee.


4. Festivals! We would love to see you guys more on Psytrance festivals as we do back in times.

Working on it :)

5. You guys have a big role on growing Trance scene both in Israel and Worldwide, so what’s next?

We will do what we’ve always done, continue making music that makes people go mental. We are grateful for 22 years or Infected, and we look forward to 22 more.

“We are grateful for 22 years.”

Infected Mushroom

6. Who are you guys listening? – I am a big fan of Shpongle!

Yes, Shpongle has always been a favorite of ours. We also love Bliss, Astrix, Pegboard Nerds, RIOT, and many more…

7. Last word! – We would love to hear your thoughts about Turkey.

After last week, it has become one of our favorite countries in the world. So many amazing people and top notch hospitality. See you again soon!


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