So this week, we’ve interviewed with dear Randy in Istanbul, just after his show! – Here you can read while listening his amazing set.

1. Okay! First things first! Turkey, first thoughts and is it the first time here?

Turkey exceeded my expectations, what an incredible country full of beautiful history, culture and food. It‘s an incredible place, and my one regret is that I only had a few days to enjoy it. I can’t wait to come back soon, and stay for longer. 

2. How about family Randy, what does it take to make? Being a Musician, touring the world!

Family is the most important, and I always make time to be with them. My mom travels with me often and enjoys being at the shows, experiencing the tour life. It’s important to have balance, and to keep those close who truly support you is a big part of that. 

3. What are main challenges then as a touring musician? 

Lack of sleep can be tough, but I always try to keep it in perspective and count my blessings. Also, often you can’t spend as much time in one place that you’d like. 


4.What is the interesting part?

Food. The main thing I love about traveling is eating authentic food. 

5. What makes you decide to play “that” song in your sets? What’s the criteria?

Well, I edit just about 100% of the songs I play, so I try to make unique versions of tracks that keep the journey going. In a typical 2 hour set, I play around 40 songs. Sound quality of a song is important, but so is the idea itself, often times, if I really like a song but it doesn’t have the right punch for a dance floor, I’ll put it in my radio show, so that the song doesn’t just collect dust sitting in a folder. 

I love sexy downtempo music.

Electronica.FM : Hell, Yeah!

6. We loved your Downtempo set! Can you tell us more about producing on Chill Out? 

I love sexy downtempo music. It can be emotional, meditative, contemplative, melodic, and nostalgic. It can evoke memories, and can bring about immense intimacy. For me, it’s a wonderful artistic balance. I try to record one downtempo set a year, whether it’s recorded live at a place like Lush Sunset Club in Borneo (overlooking the South China Sea), or for special radio brands such as Ibiza Sonica. My productions have hit *1 on Beatport’s top 100 chillout chart, and I’ve made a downtempo remix of Infected Mushroom’s ‘Nutmeg’, which has tens of thousands of plays on SoundCloud. 

7. Festivals? Which is your favorite one, we know that you are a Burner.

Haha! I’ve been fortunate enough to play Burning Man twice. There are many amazing festivals I’ve experienced such as EDC, and Coachella. My favorite festival is one that’s near to my heart, which is Full Moon in Thailand. Specifically, the Jungle Experience. I’ve played there something like 17 times in the last 7 years. 5,000 party animals going crazy for underground house & techno on the island of Koh Phangan. Great vibes. 


8. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

9. Your favorite online music store? and suggestions.

Beatport & Traxsource work well for me.

10. And Infected Mushroom, as we know you are working with them from 2007!

Yes! I’ve been fortunate to work with Infected for nearly 12 years. We are like brothers and they’ve seen me grow up. They have been very generous throughout the years, allowing me to warm up for them around the world, and letting me do my own shows/tours. It’s a dream come true, and we operate like a well-oiled machine.

11. What advice or tips would you give a new-beginner deejay?

Find mentors, and ask them questions, learn by watching & listening to DJs you admire. Dive into the hunt for music beyond just the charts. This will enable you to constantly discover new producers which is integral the shaping your “sound”. Never stop. Even when it’s discouraging or overwhelming… just keep going. The only way your dreams won’t come true is if you give up. Remember first and foremost this is a passion. Don’t do it because you want to travel and be a rockstar. Do it because you love the music. 

12. What is next for Randy Seidman? We are following Open House Podcast!

Open House has been a labor of love for around 9 years. It’s now syndicated on around 50 stations around the world, and has been downloaded nearly half a million times. Besides continuing the radio show, I’m going to spend much of the next few months in the studio working on new music, and planning the next adventure. I played Ministry of Sound in London this past month, so that felt like a nice accomplishment. Want to keep the momentum going throughout the rest of 2019. 


Electronica.FM : We are really thankful to dear Randy, here we have listed some of his latest works from Beatport and his official accounts, go support the amazing!

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