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1. How did you get into DJing?

Almost 20 years ago I moved to London to study media. I was fascinated
by the club scene, the variety of electronic music and it”s unique way
of getting people together. Most of my friendships seeded in these
environments. Sharing a house with DJs and having technic decks in our
front room encourage me to buying records and DJing as a hobby. Soon I
realise what I loved  the most about to scene was sharing the music I
love to generate positive energy which brought people together. I had
to play for people !

2. Who were some of your influences?

As a DJ it has been very long time and too many different genres but
as a producer, I can tell I have truly inspired from Perfect Stranger
and his unique ability to create his own genre. He doesn”t fit in any
box, which I like to do with my music. I must mention Astrix and
Neelix for their long going respectful career. They don”t seem to ran
out of ideas for sure.

3. Do you prefer DJing or producing songs?

DJing is my first love but nothing beats test ridding one of my tracks
and crowd takes off! Winters are great for producing as it is cold and
wet and I feel very cosy in my studio. Summer is all about DJing at
festivals and inspiration which dictates what I will be producing
winter coming.

4. What advice or tips would you give a new-beginner deejay?

Practice, practice, practice. Lift your head up and read the crowd.
Make sure you are enjoying your self as if you are not having fun you
can not aspect them to do so. Be a fun maker.

5. What casino online is the best and worst part of life as a deejay?

Best thing is when you connect with the crowd, you are loving it,
they are loving it. I call this magical moments. It doesn”t happen al
the time but when it does happen it makes you feel the luckiest person
on earth. Worst thing can be having a technical problem during your
set and music stops. These few seconds of silence feels like a life

6. What is the best song or your favorite song that you have produced?

They all have their times for popularity. My favourite now is psy-prog
remix of an old Techno track that I have done with Matt Williams,
Creation of your life“. It is coming out at Free-Spirit Records
January 2015.


7. What is the longest set that you have ever played, and where was it?

Commercially longest I have been asked to play is 3 hours. I played 14
hours on a private party once.

* A break with Bahar;

8. Is there a perfect set length, and if yes, how long would it be?

It all depends on the party, DJ and crowd. DJs like Shane Gobi,
Tristan, Ace Ventura should have minimum 2,5 hours sets of not longer.
I love playing  2,5 hours sets.

9. Tell us about your Psy-Boutique Project.

Psy-Boutique is a small and intimate biennial festival, which is held
in sunny Turkey since 2010. It is a friendly gathering where we can
put together almost all our friends for a relaxing few days by
beautiful beach as we share the music we love,  dance and be jolly. We
were blessed artist like Shane Gobi, Aphid Moon, System 7, Gaudi,
Dickster and many more.. Our next gathering will be on 2016, however
we make parties all around the world to celebrate our precious
community regularly.

10. What”s next and now for Bahar Canca?

My new EP “Psy Boutique” due to come out on Free-Spirit Records in
January. Last one year I have been collaborating with Ozlem Tekin for
a fresh new live project under the name “PSYSHE” and our album teaser
will be on the 17 of January in Istanbul within Psy-boutique and Ayata
reunion. Apart from DJing and producing I am also a promoter so next
is Elixir of Life New Year Celebrations in London. To keep updated my
coming gigs follow me on Facebook, link below.

11. Do you have any words to Electronica.FM readers?

Life is a party. Take it lightly. See you on the dance floors.

Electronica.FM: Thank you for this amazing interview Bahar! (Luka, we love you!)

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Record Label : Free Spirit Records