1. How did you get into DJing?

Well, we were both DJing before we met each other, actually Erez was DJing out of his mother’s womb haha… You might have heard the story of when Erez was a little boy of not much more than 14 years old, DJ Jorg took him (with his mother’s permission) to tour around Europe.

2. Who were some of your influences when you started DJing? Today?

X-Dream, Hallucinogen, and Etnika for when we were starting… and probably Skrillex, Datsik, Deadmau5 and Opio are some of our influences now.

3. Do you prefer DJing or producing songs?

Producing songs because we can stay home in LA, at our studio! There is also some fun in playing the songs we making while we DJ ;)

4. What advice or tips would you give a young deejay?

Don’t give up, there will always be ups and downs but just keep moving forward.

5. What is the best part of life as a deejay?

Eating good food from around the world and seeing people react to our music.

6. What is the worst part about DJing?

Being away from our families during the weekend.

7. Who would you love to DJ with?

Paris Hilton. Haha… just kidding.

8. What is the best song or your favorite song that you have produced?

That’s a tough question, there are a lot of good ones ;) And our favorites change from time to time.

9. What has been your best show?

It’s hard to say… there have been some amazing shows… Playing on the beach in Rio de Janeiro for 100,000+ people with the Black Eyed Peas… Playing on top of the Swiss Alps, Burning Man, Virgin Music Festival and Coachella were great too – so many incredible experiences that it’s difficult to name one as the best.

Burning Man Video :

10. What has been your worst show?

I’d rather not talk about it, raises my blood pressure…

11. What would be your favorite live set?

We just debuted our new 3D mapped live experience at Avalon in Hollywood last week*, it went over extremely well and we are very pumped up to start touring the new set around the United States. Was it our “favorite live set?” Tough to say because we don’t like to play favorites… but it is new, exciting, trippy, and we are very stoked to start showing this off to our fans.

*interview date – 30.05.12

12. Where do you find the best audiences?

Each market has their own flavor, and we can dig that. Our best audiences are probably in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, the USA and at home in the States.

13. What is the longest set that you have ever played, and where was it?

6 hrs or 7 hrs in Switzerland.

14. Is there a perfect set length, and if yes, how long would it be?

We like to play 1.5 hours LIVE, and sometimes another 2 hours DJ set, if the party is rocking. Any more than that we start to get antsy!

15. What’s next for Infected Mushroom?

Our new album was released a couple weeks ago – hit number 1 dance album in iTunes and Beatport, that is very exciting… Also we have some international dates in June & July, then I believe in August we will start the US tour – we are hoping to hit around 50 cities.

16. Do you have any words to Electronica.FM readers?

For those of you who know and who have supported us, we cannot thank you enough. For those of you who do not know us or think you know us, come check us out! And if you are an aspiring artist, live every day to its fullest.

Thank you!

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