We did a great interview with DJ Tarkan.

Interview | No. #2

1. How did you get into DJing?

I started DJ”ing at home when I was a child :) and I always liked the idea, playing music and letting people dance with my own music !:) Because I was playing also football, my professional DJ”ing career began a little bit late which was 1995 but I am really happy that I had choose this job after I quit my professional football career as I got injured and had to stop sadly :( Otherwise, I loved football very much and wanted to continue playing football till the end of my life !:)

2. Who were some of your influences when you started DJing? Today?

Influences in the past were DJ”s in Turkey who played in 1995 @ Power FM, who were Peter Thomas, Funky C and some DJ”s @ Radio 2019 who were Murat Uncuoglu, Cure Shot, Tangun & U.F.U.K.. Today I really don”t know whom to write as I didn”t listen to any DJ since a long long time but if you really wanna hear one name, here you go: DJ TARKAN !:)

3. Do you prefer DJing or producing songs?

I prefer DJ”ing as I love to play the music I like and see the people dancing in front of me !!:) This is such a great feeling which is really hard to describe !!

4. What advice or tips would you give a young deejay?

A young DJ should be open and listen to all kind of music !! He / She should practice at home a lot, learn all mixing styles, all genres and all the tracks he wants to play outside his house !! A young DJ should also listen the really good DJ”s and follow carefully about their mixing styles, flow and selection of tracks in the set and the contact with the crowd as these are the most important things !

5. What is the best part of life as a deejay?

The best part is, when you start to play and you have the right and tons of people in front of you, dancing with your music which you like !! Then you forget everything (that you are tired, that you flew many hours or that you couldn”t sleep in the hotel !!) and you are the most happy person in the world !!

6. What is the worst part about DJing?

Problems with the equipment in the DJ Booth !! CD Player (Turntable in the past) , mixer, cable or booth monitor problems can change the night to a nightmare !! These problems can make you really angry and sad and your bad looking face can make the people in front of you also sad as you will not be happy while you are DJ”ing !! That”s why. If the DJ has some hours free before his / her gig, he / she should go in the early hours to the club and do a “Sound Check” which can really save your night !! Really so important !! Also if you have very less people infront of you, who are also not dancing and just online casino watching you, then this can also go to a really bad night aswell !! Also having a full crowd in front of you but a wrong crowd, who doesn”t understand or feel anything of your sound, maybe expecting a totally different sound or commercial music etc. is also one of the nightmares in DJ”ing !:)

7. Who would you love to DJ with?

To be honest I don”t with whom I am playing as I love to DJ alone and long !! Starting, building and finalizing !! If the atmosphere is amazing and if everything works great in the club with the crowd, sound outside and in the booth, then I could play at least 10 – 20 hours live & non stop !!:)

8. What is the best song or your favorite song that you have produced?

A remix which Matt Darey asked me to do called “I still remember” but he didn”t feel and like it, that”s why it will never get released !!! Please have a listen and see, what a beautiful track this is and I will never understand the music mind of this person sadly !!:(

Soundcloud Link : I still remember (Dj Tarkan Remix – Radio Edit)

9. What has been your best show and worst show?

Many shows, but the shows in Bulgaria (Chervilo, Plazma & Cacao Beach) are always my favorites !!

10. What has been your worst show?

I am sure I had some bad shows with bad crowd or empty club but I don”t remember the clubs or dates now; to be honest I also don”t wanna remember them !!:)

11. What would be your favorite live set?

One of my sets in Bulgaria for sure !!

12. Where do you find the best audiences?

Bulgaria, Tunisia, Lebanon etc.

13. What is the longest set that you have ever played, and where was it?

10 hours in Izmir, Turkey and also 10 hours in Sofia, Bulgaria.

14. Is there a perfect set length, and if yes, how long would it be?

It should be at least 4 to 6 hours, so I can describe myself:)

15. What”s next for DJ Tarkan?

Next is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia !

16. Do you have any words to Electronica.FM readers?

All listeners should stay tuned !!:)

Electronica.FM : We are thankful to dear DJ Tarkan to give this interview and dear Onur Canakci for his help.

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